The Battle of Britain - The Few

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This beautiful memorial stained glass window is in the front hall of the Roll Royce factory in Derby. It was unveiled by Marshal of the Royal Air Force, The Lord Tedder, G.C.B., D.C.L., L.L.D., on the 11th January 1949.

In the centre of the window stands the figure of a typical Fighter Pilot of the Royal Air Force, ready for the battle, in flying boots and "Mae West", his helmet in his hand, he stands on the spinner of an airscrew, its three blades dominating the lower part of the window.

In the centre, the pilot should represent the brain. Above and behind him, is a golden eagle; here is the heart and spirit.

Beyond, and framing the eagle and dominating all the top of the window, is the resplendent sun in all its glory, symbol of that for which the battle was fought, and towards which humanity lifts up her eyes.


'Through hardship to the stars'


Page 6.